Placing A Piano In Your Home

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Sun, Sound & Vision: Placement of pianos and artworks in the home


By Danica Majstorovic Eather (Instagram: designbydme)



Atmospheric, aural and aesthetic considerations are vital when placing the piano and artworks (alongside furniture, furnishings and objects including books) in the home.


Interior plans and elevations – whether for a new build, a renovation or simply reorganising spaces within the house – provide a logical starting point and time-saving measures. The activities of each space – as well as traffic flow within and through these spaces – are reflected in the drawings.


Pianos and artworks (paintings, sculptures, works on paper and installations) should be protected from heat, direct sunlight, water and dust. Artworks can be curated in groupings to reflect themes and enable breathing (“negative”) space around these. It is vital that the appropriate installation system and hanging mechanisms are properly attached.


The sound of a piano is a special consideration: if the piano is placed near a window, the blinds/curtains which help to filter the light can also enhance the sound; choice of floor finishes – timber, carpet, tiles – generate different sounds; position of grand pianos so that the pianist and the opened piano face out into the room enables the sound to flow into the room; and then there are the neighbours….


Alongside placement, other design factors such as colour, texture and lighting also need consideration in achieving aesthetic unity for your home which in turn reflects your expression.


Brisbane-based Danica Majstorovic Eather is a design consultant, art gallery manager (Fireworks Gallery, Newstead), events promoter (Balkan Beats), and active in music projects including Declassified Music.




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