Useful Information Concerning Flood Damaged Pianos

In the clean-up after flooding, residents may find their grand and upright pianos damaged by water.

Theme & Variations Piano Services can answer common questions concerning flood-damaged pianos.   We prepared our showroom and workshop in Newstead for the recent floods in Brisbane.  Fortunately no damage was done.  Our thoughts are with those who have been affected and would like to offer our assistance where we can to help people cope with the recovery efforts.

“Grand pianos that have been sitting in water, but where the water has not reached the level of the case, are not necessarily ruined beyond repair,” said piano technician Brian Wilson, “However, the effects of moisture still take their toll on all of the piano components and even these pianos would best be replaced rather than repaired.” 

“Grand and upright pianos differ because of the main structure of an upright is a lot lower than a grand which sits higher because they have three legs”. 

Mould and other bacteria can form in the many areas of the piano that cannot effectively be reached for cleaning and eradication.  It is recommended that the piano owner consult a specialist in mould and bacteria removal prior to undertaking any repairs or restoration of the piano. 

Steinway & Sons has been crafting pianos since 1853.  The local Steinway dealer is the best resource for people making decisions regarding all brands and styles of acoustic pianos.  They will have expert help concerning the replacement or restoration of a piano and can assist with evaluations and data necessary for insurance claims. 

Theme & Variations recommends that owners of flood-damaged pianos document and assess the damage. Try to document damage by using a video camera and/or digital camera along with written documentation of all damage you immediately notice and keep those documentation items handy for any future damage you discover. 

It may take six to nine months for the effects of glue failure and wood deterioration to become fully evident. 

Theme & Variations is based in Brisbane and Sydney but cover all Queensland and New South Wales.

To speak with a technician about issues concerning water damage to pianos, please phone your nearest Theme & Variations showroom.


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