Piano Sales Event in Townsville – August 2011


The annual piano sales event in conjunction with the Australian Festival of Chamber Music will be held in Townsville on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August 2011. 

This is a unique opportunity for residents and visitors in the far north of the state of Queensland, Australia, to select from a wide range of upright and grand pianos presented and prepared by Theme & Variations – the exclusive Steinway dealer in Queensland and New South Wales.   As platinum partners, Theme & Variations will be supplying Steinway-designed pianos for performances, rehearsals and Master-classes during the 2011 Australian Festival of Chamber Music. 

The commitment that Theme & Variations offer includes transportation of approximately twenty-five pianos from Sydney and Brisbane to Townsville and their set-up and tuning at various venues around Townsville throughout the duration of the Festival. 

This places the AFCM in a very unique position of offering musicians and audiences the joy of listening and playing on Steinway & Sons and Steinway-designed Boston and Essex grand and upright pianos. 

As with previous years, Theme & Variations offer these pianos for sale. 

VENUE:  V8 Pit Building (neighbouring Townsville Civic Theatre)

LAST DAYS: Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August

** Appointments recommended **

Theme & Variations offer considerable savings off the recommended retail price as each sale goes towards covering the costs the massive exercise in getting the pianos to this part of Queensland for a strictly limited time. 

In addition to the new Steinway Model D and the new Steinway Model B, various models of the Steinway-designed Boston and Essex grand and upright pianos will be in Townsville as well.  Each category in the piano market is covered across these three brands. 

Final days of the sale will be held at the V8 Pit Building on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August before the remaining pianos will be packed up and transported back to Brisbane and Sydney.  

Customers can also discuss technical topics with a Steinway trained technicians from Brisbane or Sydney who are in Townsville for the AFCM.  In addition to tuning for the performances and rehearsals, these technicians can also inspect your piano in Townsville for future repair work or to assess as a trade-in.

For an appointment or to make a sales inquiry please phone 3666 0650 or email steinway@themeandvariations.com

tradein pianos welcome including kawai.

piano sale

sales staff trained at conservatorium level.


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