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After summer holidays in Australia, families are often faced with the task of buying a piano to suit various needs.  With all the other tasks to be done during the ‘back-to-school’ time, it is often daunting.   Needs could be based on one or more considerations including space, acoustics, level of proficiency, budget and interior design.  


To assist ascertaining space, or lack thereof, in a living room or part of the home that is set aside for practice, we can loan a template for grand pianos so it is more clear as to what length and width can be achieved.


Steinway has an augmented reality app that can be downloaded free from iTunes.  Users can insert a model of choice into a photo taken of the space and even swivel the piano around to brainstorm ways the instrument can be positioned to suit design considerations and practicalities.  Simply search for the Steinway Augmented Reality App in the iTunes store.


Steinway also offers a Buyer’s Guide that can be downloaded free from the website.  Topics include how a piano works, tips for selecting and considerations for servicing.


Of course, visiting one of our stores to play, listen and inspect the range is the best way to learn more about choosing a piano.  Should a specific model and finish be required, an order can be placed.  Through the Theme & Variations Piano Services website, you can book a ‘test-play’ before coming in.


We look forward to assisting you and your family during the hectic ‘back-to-school’ time and wish all students a successful academic year.


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