The Secret is Out.

The Secret is Out


98% of the world’s active concert pianists choose to perform on Steinway pianos. But this is not to say that the Steinway is only open to the performing elite, the virtuosi of the stage – they are available for all those who demand uncompromising quality and the finest possible standard. As such Theme & Variations broke the record last year for the highest number of new Steinway & Sons piano sales for any individual dealership in Australia.


Theme & Variations Piano Services show that the demand for the world’s best piano has never been so high in Australia. Hand made to perfection in Hamburg, Germany, the crème de la crème of pianos are sought after by concert venues, schools and individuals who seek the very best. With the rise of people around the world sharing, creating, and performing music, the production of popular instruments such as the piano needs to keep pace. From January – July 2014, China alone imported 75,000 pianos from overseas. Steinway & Sons have just finished producing their 600,000th piano – with the demand showing no signs of slowing.


Our most Popular Piano of 2014

The most popular model of Steinway & Sons piano sold in Australia last year was the upright model K-132. This upright piano was more popular than many of the grand pianos, which leads us to believe that people want the very best, but may not have the space for a grand. The king of all uprights, this towering upright offers power and tone far superior to many grand pianos.
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Our Biggest Piano of 2014


The biggest piano sold was the concert grand model D-174. Truly the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the piano world, this piano is the overwhelming choice of the world’s greatest pianists. Weighing half a tonne, comprised of thousands of moving parts and holding a whopping 30 tonnes worth of tension on the iron frame, this majestic instrument takes over a year to make by hand in Germany.
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Setting the benchmark for 2015, Theme & Variations continue to strive for excellence in tuning, servicing and sales. The only specialists of their kind in Australia, they are the place to come for all your piano needs. Find out about special offers, sales, interviews and all the latest musical news by subscribing to the ‘Soundboard’ newsletter.

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