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From Jacqueline


“The brilliant team at Theme & Variations Sydney recently refurbished our Steinway Model B from 1889, originally manufactured in New York. The piano has now undergone a 2-year-long journey comprising of the complete restoration of this 127-year-old Steinway. Their tremendous hard work and devotion to this piano is awe-inspiring and reflected magnificently through such intricate detailing and mastery.


The complete restoration involved the replacement of major components such as the action, strings, soundboard, and lid of the grand piano, and I appreciate the extensive work and hours put into replacing the agraffes to fit the strings. It took 3 attempts due to the unique nature of the agraffe sizing on this particular piano which was by far intense, heavy work, but despite the setbacks, Theme & Variations continued to strive forward and conquered this incredible challenge. From replacing the action, to restringing, to so much more, the transformation has been absolutely extraordinary and I couldn’t be happier with the result.


The tone resonating from the soundboard is rich, mellow and sonorous, leaving much room for expression and exploration, while its presence at home is brilliant and re-ignited my enjoyment in playing the piano. My deepest thanks to each and every one of you!


Our beloved Steinway shall be inherited through our generations and we are so thankful to have shared this epic journey with Ara Vartoukian and his truly incredible team at Theme & Variations. The entire team has been an absolute pleasure to work with, always for their bright attitude, for continuing to endure no matter the obstacle, and for their absolutely outstanding customer service. You’re an inspiration to many and I look forward your great company tuning my piano in the years to come.”




Piano Frame After




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  1. ALBERT LANDA says:

    What an incredible story! But ,in a way not so surprising.I have experienced first hand the amazing work that Ara and his team perform They all did a magnificent restoration on my Model B. It is a joy to p[ay.When I read Jacqueline’s story I was filled with a great desire to play this piano myself. Any chance?

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