Concert Range

Theme & Variations offer an exclusive selection of ‘Concert Range’ pianos, some of which have retired from significant venues such as the Sydney Opera House and the City Recital Hall, Angel Place.  The ‘Concert Range’ pianos are most ideal for a concert venue and are capable of delivering the highest level of artistic expression from the pianist.


The Steinway & Sons D-274 is the most common piano for notable performance venues, and are chosen by the vast majority of the world’s concert pianists.  The Steinway & Sons B-211 is also a very popular option, usually seen in smaller recital halls or concert venues.


Since its foundation in New York in 1853, Steinway & Sons has set the standard of excellence in the manufacture of concert pianos.  No other instrument offers such a rich musical reward to player and listener alike because each instrument is built to match the expectations of the world’s most demanding critics – people who love music.



Steinway Concert Grand

The SD6 (also known as “the Ashkenazy piano”).  This piano was selected for the Sydney Opera House by Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy himself in 1991.  It has been personally signed by Mr. Ashkenazy and has been performed on by artists such as Stephen Hough, Roger Woodward, Lang Lang and Victor Borger.  #518420 (1991)  Sale Price: $99,000.


Steinway D SD7

The SD7, which was the next model to be used in the Sydney Opera House, where it took up residence in 1998.  #542835 (1998)  Sale Price: $145,000.


Steinway D CRH

The CRHD1 (City Recital Hall Model D no.1).  This 1998 Steinway & Sons Model D has been the piano of choice at the Sydney City Recital Hall until its retirement in 2014.  #544488 (1999)  Sale Price: $165,000.




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