Sound Advice – Positioning your Piano

Fungshui and Your Piano!  As Chinese New Year approaches, we thought it would be an interesting read to find out where is the most appropriate place in the home for your piano.


Feng Shui is fascinating, complex and has many applications to create a happy and harmonious home or workplace.  According to most bagua (Feng Shui maps) there are 8 directions of the house, each offering a different energy for each compass bearing (North, North-East, East, South-East, etc.)


Bagua_LifeThe energy of an area of the home corresponds with a particular colour and shape and is represented by one of the 5 major elements.  As most grand pianos are black (the colour of mystery and sophistication), they should be placed in the most northern area of the house.  The element for North is water (holding the energy of power and protection) and is symbolised by black or blue colours and shapes with wavy contours.  As North is the area for ‘career and life path’ in ones life and its element, water, gives strength to the wood element of ‘vitality, growth and unlimited vision’.


What better item to encourage sophistication and growth in the ‘career and life path’ area of your home than a grand piano – a symbol of creativity, power and success.


Obviously, this is not always ideal depending on the layout of your home…but it is an interesting thing to keep in mind just the same…

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