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Grand pianos come in many different sizes and makes. Grand pianos are generally the instrument of choice for most pianists as the action allows for faster repetition of notes and more subtle control of expression and tone. Aesthetically, grand pianos make an elegant statement in any home setting and are generally capable of a much bigger sound. Grand pianos are more versatile in their room placement than their upright counterparts. A grand piano can feature in the center of a room, where an upright usually finds shelter against a wall.

The first piano, designed in 1700 in Florence by Bartolomeo Cristofori was a grand piano shape – the upright (vertical) piano came some 40 years later.  The wing-shape of a grand piano soundboard was designed to maximise the use of the overtone series to give the piano a rich, full, yet clear sound.

Theme & Variations Piano Services have a range of new and pre-owned grand pianos on their showroom floor, which include Steinway, Boston, Essex, Yamaha, Kawai and Bechstein grands.  To see our current range of instruments, click here.


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