Choosing a piano

Getting Started

Starting the process of purchasing a piano can be very exciting but with so many brand choices and technical specifications it can be overwhelming.  Seeking advice from a piano expert can really help guide you in the right direction.

At Theme & Variations Piano Services we are a brand agnostic family business therefore all products for sale in our showroom are quality instruments that we believe are suitable for all budgets and piano playing levels.

Our expert staff take the time to understand your requirements and explain the differences between each piano so that you are able to make an informed decision.  When you buy from Theme and Variations Piano Services you aren’t just buying a piano, we have services that support you and your instrument throughout its playing life.

Here are some basic Tips

Acoustic versus digital

Digital keyboards are affordable alternatives especially for young families seeking to understand if piano lessons will be long-term in their household. If you choose to purchase a keyboard for this reason, we highly recommend moving away from a digital keyboard sooner rather than later as this can lead to habits that can be later difficult to correct.

Who will play the piano?

Its important to consider who will be playing the piano now and potentially in the future.  Many people are looking for themselves, family members – or both!  For example, some upright pianos are ideal for young children as they are shorter in length and ideal for those with limited space.  This is a potential solution for those looking to upgrade later on.  Alternatively, some customers prefer to invest in a piano that they can grow into. There is no right or wrong answer as every customer’s requirements are unique.

Consider second-hand

Pianos are built to last and quality pianos maintained well can retain their value for many generations.  With many of these pianos fully restored or seldom played, a second-hand piano can be a tremendously unique investment. At Theme and Variations Piano Services, we are experts in piano servicing with most of our second-hand piano range having been serviced by us. This means in most cases we are able to provide historical information to guide you in the right direction.

Got lots of space?

Consider the space that you have available in your home – height, width and depth. It’s a great idea to have those measurements handy and take a tape measure when shopping around.

Try before you buy

Have an idea of what kind of tone you like.  Do you like bright sounding pianos, or more rounded tones.  It’s ideal to play each piano that takes your interest. If you’re a beginner don’t be shy and  have a go, if not ask the sales staff to play for you.

Have a budget in mind

Having a budget that you need to work within can help minimise your search with so many options.  By telling sales staff what your approximate budget is will help them find something affordable for you.