Service descriptions and rates

  • Piano inspection call out fee $115*

    If you are looking to buy a second hand piano, or wanting to understand the condition of your current piano to bring it up to sound playing order, then a piano inspection is definitely worthwhile.  We come to you and review the exterior and interior condition of your piano and provide a comprehensive report stating the current condition, work required and associated costs. We can also provide an approximate valuation.

  • Standard Piano tune $230*

    Our standard piano tune includes tuning within 10 cents of concert pitch and also minor services such as pedal adjustments, minor voicing and regulation of the action.

  • Pitch raise/adjustment $115 per hour*

    If the pitch of a piano has moved more than 10 cents from concert pitch, then a pitch raise will be required. A change in piano pitch by this degree presents significant changes in the overall tension of both structure and soundboard.  With this said a standard piano tune will not hold well.  A pitch raise is a series of 1 or 2 mini tunes to stabilise and equalise tension and make standard tuning stable.

    An extreme change in piano pitch usually happens when a piano has not been tuned in a long time, or if the piano has experienced significant environmental changes such as temperature and humidity.

  • Voicing $115 per hour*

    With use or changes in the environment, a piano’s hammer felts can become compressed or go out of shape leading to a harsh or uneven tone.  Voicing is a technique that adjusts the tone by manipulating the density and shape of the felt on the hammer.  A thorough voicing can return your piano to its beautiful original tone.

  • Piano clean $115 per hour*

    Like any piece of good furniture pianos also require good care. Regular detailed cleaning protects your pianos health, value and longevity.  Our cleaning service includes removing the action and keys and cleaning the internal components and lubricating the keyframe.

    Cleaning your piano not only makes it look new again, it’s a health check to identify any potential issues such as internal mould or insect infestation.

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