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Upright pianos, also called vertical pianos, are designed to be more compact to fit into smaller spaces and are good for pianists who are just starting to learn, or, for professionals working in a small studio setting.  Historians believe the upright piano was developed by P. Domenico Del Mela in 1739, but the version we recognise today wasn’t invented until the 1780s by the Austrian Johann Schmidt.

The main differences between an upright and a grand piano is in its configuration, where the frame and strings sit vertically. Upright pianos come in many different sizes with the power and quality of sound determined largely by its construction and its height. Taller pianos will have longer strings and larger soundboard area and therefore produce a more powerful sound.

A good indication of a quality piano with solid construction is to check the back-posts which in better quality pianos will be made of thick, solid pieces of timber and staggered to give more support in the treble.  To see our range of pre-loved instruments, see pre-owned pianos.

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